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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Kim Heechul on Top 10 People Trends Worldwide in 2010

So the official list of Top Twitter Trends of 2010 has recently been revealed and even though no Super Junior-related trending topics make it to the overall top 10 trends, our very own Kim Heechul snags a spot in the top 10 PEOPLE trends, sitting nicely at number 9. There were so many events relating to Heenim in 2010 that we can’t keep track, for example, when he dressed up as f(x) Sulli in Super Show 2. On Super Junior-T’s anniversary project, he was the only member that trended along and it is not exactly a rare occasion that one or two words mentioned in his tweeted went up the trending list simply because it garnered so much attention. It was actually quite predictable that he would shake the twitterverse after he deleted his twitter account (@hee18) few hours after his first tweet ^^
Source: Mashable
Written by Dea
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